Quin Candidacy Announcement – Video

Quin Candidacy Announcement – Video

Charles Quin Scheibe, who has served as Colorado’s chief financial officer for the last 11 years is entering an already crowded race for Colorado State Treasurer but feels that he has a leg up in this crowded race with his experience in the office. Perhaps his approach to catching people’s attention and making lite of the position helps too.

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Quin Candidacy Announcement – Press Release

Quin Candidacy Announcement – Press Release



DENVER, December 19, 2017 — As a taxpayer, who would you rather have managing all of the money you pay the State to fund schools, roads, and emergency services? Would it be a novice who has never managed a $29 billion budget, or someone who has been doing it on a daily basis for more than a decade?

Charles Quin Scheibe, who has served as Colorado’s chief financial officer for the last 11 years, thinks the answer is obvious, which is why he is entering an already crowded race for Colorado State Treasurer.

Scheibe does not have a single bad thing to say about any of his fellow candidates. In fact, he’s quite sure any one of them could fill the shoes of outgoing Treasurer, Walker Stapleton, who has reached his two-term limit and entered the race for Governor. However, Scheibe feels that his 11 years as state CFO – through good economic times and bad — make him uniquely qualified for the Treasurer’s office.

“Most voters probably don’t even know that Colorado has a chief financial officer, let alone what that person does. Basically, I manage the day-to-day operations of the Treasurer’s office, overseeing the staff and executing the strategies and directives of the Treasurer. I managed the office through the Great Recession and I have established a strong rapport and trust with rating agencies,” said Scheibe.

“This could prove vital in the coming of years, following Standard & Poor’s recent negative outlook for the State of Colorado, which was based on our troubled retirement system. Further downgrades could severely impact financing of schools, infrastructure, and other statewide programs. I hope that my experience, unique knowledge of the office, and established relationships provide a high level of confidence to the citizens of Colorado when it comes to navigating these issues and managing their tax dollars,” said Scheibe.

Scheibe is not your typical political candidate. He has not run for any type of public office since he was 18, when he ran for city council in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. He was the youngest candidate to ever run in the town, and had he won, it might have been the first step of a career in politics. As it turned out, though, the loss sent him down a different path toward business, finance and law.

Scheibe’s business career spans 40 years, starting as an auditor and accountant. He has served in several executive roles in the private sector, including executive vice president and chief financial officer. He was chief executive officer for numerous entrepreneurial ventures in a variety of industries, advising enterprises on all aspects of business formation. Scheibe also founded, owned and actively managed several of his own startups in the hospitality and professional services industries.

Throughout his career, Scheibe continued his pursuit of advanced education, first obtaining an MBA from the University of Texas. He went on to get a law degree at South Texas College of Law in Houston, and eventually earned a Masters of Laws (LL.M.) in taxation from the University of Denver.

Once in Colorado, Scheibe knew he had found his new home. The state meshed with his love of the outdoors and passion for running. He has participated in more than 1,400 running competitions in his lifetime, including 204 marathon/ultra-marathons. Among these were twenty 50-Milers: Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim, Grand Canyon, Arizona; the Silver Rush, Leadville, Colorado; the Bear Chase, Morrison, Colorado; the Cactus Rose, Bandera, Texas; Collegiate Peaks, Buena Vista, Colorado and one 100-Miler on the trails around Boulder Reservoir.

After receiving his LL.M., Scheibe continued as a senior consultant, providing guidance to Fortune 500 on corporate governance and enterprise risk management issues, including Sarbanes-Oxley.

In 2007, he was appointed to the post of chief financial officer of Colorado by then Treasurer and 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Cary Kennedy. He maintained his post under Stapleton, a Republican.

Scheibe knows his quest for State Treasurer will be an uphill battle, fighting for name recognition among fellow candidates, some of whom have already built reputations and followings as state representatives and see the office of Treasurer as the next (but not last) stop on their political journey. Scheibe, on the other hand, has no aspirations for bigger political offices. He considers the office of State Treasurer to be the culmination of a long career in business, finance and public service.

“Our biggest challenge is educating people on what the Treasurer does and does not do. For most voters, the Treasurer is an afterthought. It’s not a glamorous position that is constantly in the spotlight. If it is, something has gone horribly wrong. Our office regularly gets calls from citizens concerned about how their tax dollars are being allocated. But, that is determined by the legislature. The treasurer’s office simply makes sure that money is safe, easily accessible, and earning the best possible yield available with the lowest risk,” said Scheibe.

“People who tend to vote along party lines should understand that the office of Treasurer is very much nonpartisan. Having served under both a Democrat and a Republican, I can tell you that nothing materially changed in our approach to cash flow management, savings or investment strategy, which is extremely conservative, in the financial sense,” he added.

“So, whether you lean to the left or to the right, know that your tax dollars will continue to be managed using conservative, stable and proven strategies that have no political bias. Voting for me will further ensure that this will continue under the guidance of someone who has been doing it for more than a decade, far longer than anyone elected to the office will ever serve due to term limits. Hard to imagine a candidate more suited,” Scheibe concluded.


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