Why join the Scheibe Tribe?

Running a political campaign is not easy, even when it is for an unglamorous office like State Treasurer. Like the marathons and ultras I run in all around Colorado, it takes perseverance, stamina, and pure grit. And, just like these races, it also takes a community of volunteers to make them successful. We are looking for volunteers to get involved in this race, the biggest of my life. Join the Quin to Win team and:

  • Help organize and staff meet and greets, speeches, and other events
  • Help me engage with voters
  • Help educate Coloradans on what exactly the Treasurer does for them
  • Be an inside influencer and shaper of the political process
  • Be my eyes and ears when it comes to the issues important to Colorado voters

Join the Scheibe Tribe

It’s a long race, and I cannot do it alone. Join the Scheibe Tribe by signing up here to donate time, money, or ideas. Please volunteer now and help Quin to Win!